Banana Boostie Biscuits 100g

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Banana Boostie Biscuits 100g

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Banana Boostie Biscuits 100g.

Your dogs daily multivitamin & probiotic supplement!

Put a whole lot natural & super tasty than your average Multivitamin.

We use all natural ingredients created by nature nothing artificial or synthetic whatsoever!

Our Boosties are by far our most popular biscuit here at Pawsome Grub.

Check out the benefits below:

Concentration of probiotics: 350 million
Supporting digestion and utilisation of nutrients
Supporting immune balance
Supporting healthy skin and coat
Supporting animals with digestive upsets
Supporting stool quality
May help reduce bad breath and flatulence
Supporting the overall health, wellbeing and vitality of your pet.

coconut & buckwheat flour, Free range eggs, homemade peanut butter, green banana, kefir culture,
ground kelp, spinach, wheat grass, Fermented Broccoli, kale, ginger & spirulina


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