Furry Kangaroo Ears 5 pack

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Furry Kangaroo Ears Locally sourced

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Furry Roo Ears.
Gross aye!!!!
But did you know that furry treats are not only stimulating for your pet, but they also boast a load of amazing health benefits!
One of the biggest reasons people all around the world are feeding their dogs furry treats is for their digestive aid properties. 
Fur on the treats doesn’t actually fully break down in your pet’s stomach, so as it moves through their digestive system, it acts as a brush and collects any built up food/residue and clears it out.
A buildup of food in the digestive tract can lead to a sluggish digestive system that can become a breeding ground for yeast and other bacteria/fungi. While the fur is making its way through, it also helps to prevent worms and parasites! By sweeping through the digestive tract, the fur brushes away any worms or eggs that might be hiding in your dog’s system and flushes them out. 
Overall, the cleansing nature of the fur through your dog’s digestive system allows for better nutrient absorption for your pet.
A clean digestive system allows more nutrients to be absorbed through the body – and what’s not to love about that?
Looking for a natural teeth cleaner?
Furry treats are your answer! Fur is essentially your dog’s natural toothbrush; the hair fibres on the treats themselves work to remove surface plaque from gums and teeth, while also weaseling their way into the gaps between your dog’s teeth to remove any excess food.
Did we mention the fur also acts as a teeth polisher? We guarantee your pet’s pearly whites will be fresh and clean after adding furry treats to their diet.
The fur on the treats also adds a huge fibre boost to your pet’s diet*, which can help bulk up stools and is also a great aid in naturally expressing anal glands.
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