Gap Filler Powder 100g (Meal a topper)

$34.00 +GST

Gap Filler Powder 100g (Meal a topper)


Gap Filler Powder 100g (Meal a topper)

Does what it says on the tin!

All singing All dancing formula!

This potent little beauty fills in all the gaps missing from your pups diet!
It packs a real punch in heaps of vitamins, mineral, probiotics, & probiotics.

Recommended for:
Raw feed dogs
fussy eaters
dogs feed only biscuits
dogs feed only canned food
provides general well being support & daily support.

Supporting digestion & utilisation of nutrients
Supporting immune balance
Supporting healthy skin and coat
Supporting animals with digestive upsets
Supporting stool quality
May help reduce bad breath & flatulence
Supporting the overall health, well-being & vitality of your pet

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder, Golden turmeric paste, hemp seed, hemp oil,
Green Banana powder, Brewers Yeast, Fermented carrot & broccoli, flaxseed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, free range ground egg shell.


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