Homemade Slow Cooked Complete Gourmet Cooked Casseroles 650g (NEW RECIPE 2024)


Homemade Slow Cooked Gourmet cooked Casseroles 650g


Homemade Slow Cooked Complete Gourmet cooked Casseroles 650g. (NEW RECIPE 2024)
Our very first product! and boy! are we proud of it!!

Still today it is our most popular product! and for a very good reason!

Complete meals mean they have everything in them that your dog needs for a healthy diet, no need to add kibble or other products as our casseroles have all your pup needs for a happy healthy life with less vet visits through out their life stages!

Our Gourmet Casseroles are perfect for daily food, you don’t have to feed anything else as our casseroles contain everything your dog needs and much more. From a weaning puppy to a senior dog our casseroles are simply the best.

Packed with 80% single human grade protein (no cheap fatty of cuts here!)

We keep our casseroles single protein so if you order pork casseroles it will contain only pork products- 80% pork meat, pork- liver, kidney & spleen and pork bone broth no other animal products.

Its all very complex and we find ourselves very unique (the bottom line is no one is as crazy as us to have this process) but we have heaps of puppers with allergies (including our very own Barnaby) but that’s why we are different from the rest!!!

We don’t use heavily packed multivitamins or probiotics to make up the gaps in our casseroles, we use 80% muscle meat followed by a whole heap of other all natural products such as: golden turmeric paste, flaxseed, sesame seed, free range ground egg shell, kelp, fermented veg & kefir.

Each casserole is hand prepared at home in small batches. Orders are generally made to order, we don’t have heaps of fridge or freezer space so our stock is not sitting there for along time, we get several produce orders on a weekly bases to ensure 100% fresh products!

. Made with 100% human ingredients
. Vet & pet nutritionalist approved (with over 20 years experience)
. Shiner healthier coats
. Less itching
. perfect for sensitive tummies
. perfect for fussy eaters
. Healthy and convenient
. Helps to maintain a healthy weight
. More energy
. Makes for better Poo’s
. Real food you can see
. Human grade food your dog will love
. Absolutely no preservatives or hidden nasties
. No synthetic ingredients such has heavily loaded multivitamin or probiotics supplements to make up the gaps in other dog foods (a way to help reduce their costing)
. Better for your dog & convenient for you,
. Don’t pay for heavily advertised products, keep more of the money in your back pocket, and nutrition in your dogs bowl.
. Don’t pay for unwanted marketing packaging & labelling (your dog can’t eat theses so what’s the point), as with other dog foods this comes out of your pocket too not theirs!
. Don’t ship from other states, buy local, its better for your dog & better for our plant.
. Ditch all the added products such as multivitamin, probiotics, seaweed products etc as our food contains it all! so goodbye extra expensive.
. Ditch the heavily proceeded & high carb kibbles! (pssttt your dog doesn’t need kibble by the way)
. Keep more of your own money in your own back pocket!

Our new and improved Casseroles for 2024 have just got a whole lot better!!
We ourselves were regularly adding kelp, kefir, fermented veg & bee pollen to our own dog bowls every week! Sometimes someone forgot to add something, or they received a double amount, or my favourite one “I couldn’t remember when I served it last”

Then they both were picking it out or eating around it!!!! then there was also the forgetting to reorder as we ran out and having to wait for it to be shipped again before serving! so it was all a little tricky!

So we had a think about it! touched based with our vet Dr Edward about combining it all together, he gave us the thumbs up and the ratio’s! so for the past few months we have been experimenting! using our own dogs as the test dummies! and we have finally found a perfect way to add it all together as one product without it affecting the end product, taste or smell!!
And…….. now we take a bow!!!!
What a product Hey!!!!

How best to serve:

you can serve straight out the container, You can give it a little blast in the microwave, or our favourite way add a little slightly cooled boiled water, not only does it make your casseroles go a little further, it quickly warms and adds a boost of hydration. (we find this particularly good during the winter months when our puppers are less likely to consume enough daily intake of water)

How to store: we don’t add anything to preserve our casseroles whatsoever no preservatives, additives, salts etc. all casseroles are perishable, so keeps nice in the fridge for up to 1 week from fresh, or best frozen to keep all nutrients intact for up to 3 months.

Chosen protein
same protein liver, spleen, kidney
sweet potato
fermented dehydrated vegetables (carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin)
homemade golden turmeric paste (made with both coconut oil & hemp oil)
sesame seed
Mandurah Local Bee Pollen
hemp seed
Raw Tasmanian Kelp
dehydrated kefir (coconut water)
sunflower seed (cases removed)
free range ground egg shell
same protein bone broth

650 Gram each.

For full details of ingredients please see above. (we no longer add labels to each container to keep costs lower for you)

All casseroles come in plastic containers that we reuse if returned in a clean & reusable state.

Storage information:

Freeze as soon as possible to maintain optimal freshness, store for up to 3 months in the freezer, once defrosted keep refrigerated uses within 5 days.

Casseroles ar made to order on a weekly bases!
Homemade in small batches!

Recommended daily servings:
(casseroles as only food)

1-5kgs = 200g daily

5-10kgs = 300g daily

10-15kgs = 550g daily

15-20kgs = 750g daily

20kgs-30kgs+ = 1000g daily

(If using biscuits or other foods alongside casseroles half daily amount)

Additional information


Beef, Chicken, Kangaroo, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, Duck, Goat, salmon, Sardine, shark, ocean Trio, Mackerel, Horse, Venison, Local Wild Boar


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