Immune System Support Biscuits 100g

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Immune System Support Biscuits 100g

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Immune System Support Biscuits 100g.

Help keep you pups immune system in tip top condition with our Immune System Biscuits!

Our environment can be pretty harsh on our domesticated pups theses days, pollutions, cleaning products, poor diet, medications, the list goes on!

The best way to support your pups health is via gut health!
there’s a lot going on in there so lets keep it in great condition!

Helps to support gut health for dogs
Helps to support anal glands
helps to support digestive health
helps with doggy oder
helps with itchy skin and paws
helps to minimise allergies

coconut & buckwheat flour, free range egg, homemade peanut butter, kefir, kefir cheese, greek yogurt, hemp seed oil, brewers yeast, hemp seed, green banana, all natural probiotic for dogs,


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