Air Dried Casserole

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Our most popular product just got a whole lot more exciting!
Just like our fresh casseroles but gently air dried so it’s easier to store and carry, no refrigeration or freezing needed.
100% human grade air dried complete balanced casseroles for dogs.
Just add hot or cold water.
80% animal protein
10% bone
10% organs.
Can be served on its own, or added as a meal topper to other foods such as raw food.


Rehydrate Casseroles:

Our popular fresh casseroles just got more exciting!!!

Just like our Popular fresh casseroles but gently air dried, so its easier to store and carry no fridges or freezers necessary.
Our Gourmet Casseroles are perfect for daily food, you don’t have to feed anything else as our casseroles contain everything your dog needs and much more. From a weaning puppy to a senior dog our casseroles are simply the best.

Packed with 80% single human grade protein (no cheap off cuts here!)

We keep our casseroles single protein so if you order pork casseroles it will contain, ie:80% pork meat, pork- liver, kidney & spleen and pork bone broth.

Its all very complex but we have heaps of puppers with allergies (including our very own Barnaby) but that’s why we are different from the rest!!!

We don’t use heavily packed multivitamins to make up the gaps in our casseroles, we use 80% muscle meat followed by a whole heap of other all natural products such as: golden turmeric paste, flaxseed, sesame seed, free range ground egg shell.

Each rehydrate casserole is hand prepared at home in small batches.

How best to serve:
can be served on it our or adding slightly cooled boiled water or as a meal topper!

Chosen protein
same protein liver, spleen, kidney
sweet potato
homemade golden turmeric paste (made with both coconut oil & hemp oil)
sesame seed
hemp seed
sunflower seed (cases removed)
free range ground egg shell
air dried kefir
fermented mixed vegetables
Mandurah Local bee pollen
Wild Tasmania dried kelp
same protein bone broth

Storage information:
Store in a dark, dry cool place below 30 degree.

Feeding guidelines:
Under 5 months: 5-12 months: Over 12 months
Weight: Weight: Weight:
2.5kg- 1.5 cups per day 2.5kg- 1 cup per day 2.5kgs- 0.75 cup per day
5-20kg- 2.5 cups per day 5-10kg- 1.75 cups per day 5kgs- 1.25 cups per day
15- 20kg- 3.5 cups per day 10-15kg- 2 cups per day
25kg- 5.5 cups per day 20-25kg- 3.5 cups per day
30kg- 6.5 cups per day 30-35kg- 5.25 cups per day
35kg- 7.5 cups per day 40kg- 6.75 cups per day
40kg- 8.5 cups per day

Our rehydrate casseroles are handmade in small batches, shape, size and colour may vairy in each batch. To every cup add ¼ cups of slightly cooled boiled water and leave for 3 minutes before serving.

Additional information


Chicken, Beef, Kangaroo, Salmon


1.5kg, 2.5kg, 3.5kg, Sample 200g


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